All the Ever Afters

This novel by Danielle Teller surprised me in the best way. It’s “The Untold Story of Cinderella’s Stepmother” where the stepmother, Agnes, tells her side of the story. It reads like a historical fiction novel set somewhere in medieval or early modern Europe. No magic to see here, just vicious rumors that created a fantasy.

Difficult Women

This book is a collection of short stories by Roxane Gay. While I wish the stories were more varied, they were very immersive. I think I would really enjoy reading a novel by Gay. She writes in a very pretty manner, to the point where I often felt her beautiful writing and harsh topics clashed. It wasn’t bad, just kind of jarring.

Your Money or Your Life

The original Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) by Joseph Dominguez and Vicki Robin is often touted as the cornerstone to today’s FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Early Retirement). So of course there was a buzz when Robins announced an updated 2018 version.

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