Into the Water

Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train, writes another fast-paced mystery novel. This is the kind of book that you power through in a day because you cannot put it down - perfect for a lazy Sunday.

In the Name of Family

There are so many books (and movies/shows) about the Borgias for a reason - they are fascinating. All the scandalous rumors, political grappling and seize of power makes for a great story. I mean we’re talking about a Pope who tried to use his bastard children and church funds to create a family dynasty.

The Philosopher’s Flight

Author Tom Miller rewrites U.S. history to include, I mean philosophers, who openly use not yet fully understood science to do things that seem like magic. I was excited to see that Miller is a fellow Wisconsinite. This may have made the book cooler in my eyes, but it was also an entertaining sci-fi story.

In the Presence of Evil

This murder mystery by Tania Bayard has a cool medieval twist. Christine de Pizan is a rare female scribe in medieval Paris who is bent on proving a lady-in-waiting, Alex de Clairy, didn’t kill her husband. I liked that along the way Bayard focuses on describing typical medieval life for non-nobles.

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